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Eddie Seago:
Generally the critics didn't feel that there was substance to this glam rock thing. I don't think it ever worried anybody - we used to say any publicity is good publicity. If you got a bad singles review, it didn't really matter, and certainly if it was a hit, who cared what they said about it? I mean, I can imagine Gary Glitter seeing a bad review would have been hurt by it, but I don't think Mike [Leander] would have been particularly upset. Not in the way as later when the reviews for Matador came out - that was a much more serious proposition. Artists are more vulnerable.

Dave Hill:
Nick Kent did a very important review on us. Bowie had played Earl's Court and didn't do too well. We played Earl's Court and did incredibly well. And Nick Kent, I seem to remember, was there and he did a big write-up on us as being either one of the most or the most important band around at that time. And it was quite a good review for us, because a lot of the press, although they went along with us for the success, knifed the hell out of us later. As they do in England.

Jim Irvin:
When the NME and what had been the traditional outlets for the Denmark Street culture went into the kind of Rolling Stone rock vein, there was then no symbiotic relationship between the music press and the charts, as much as there had been.

John Springate:
The NME fucking slagged us rotten at the drop of a hat. Cunts, they really were. Just horrible people.

Les McKeown:
We just didn't give a fuck really. I mean I think it got to Eric probably a wee bit, because he tended to read the serious press. But the positive side of that is these arseholes are writing about us and we're in their paper anyway. Even the most ardent New Musical Express hippy, he has to read it, because it's in his fucking paper: doesn't matter if he hates us, he reads it. It's like anti-press, it's like: 'You're all a bunch of cunts,' but they were saying it every week. Brilliant. We'll just deal with the dailies.

Suzi Quatro:
Fuck the critics, at the end of the day.

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