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Oral histories



some stories from the world of '70s pop

'Nobody else could have been Gary'
some thoughts on Gary Glitter
'It was like a cattle-market'
the Top of the Pops experience
'It sounds like Parliament on a bad day'
the making of 'The Funky Gibbon'
'Fuck the critics'
if you can't say something nice...
'We had such a sickly sweet image'
the New Seekers
'We never found another Gerry Shury'
the late genius of British soul
'Clement Freud wanted to talk about my teeth'
Showaddywaddy appear on New Faces
'He didn't take the easy route'
the recording of 'Rock On'
'It all went BANG, fuck off'
the punk explosion
'We were louder than Deep Purple'
the story of The Sweet
'There's a snide Kenny going around'
the problem of imposters
'You have a terrible problem'
Sparks vs Rubettes on Top of the Pops
'We made a cracking record'
Mud's version of 'Under the Moon of Love'
Generation X appear on Marc
'None of the artists I had were attractive'
Biddu and his stable
'It wasn't part of our dream'
strikes, power cuts and the oil crisis
'It's the best fun I've ever had in my life'
glam style
'It won't sell one fucking copy'
self-indulgence in the studio
'There were no black people in the studio'
The Drifters at Bell Records
'You guys have got to give us something we can sell'
The Real Thing finally make it big
'It was fucking successful'
The Bay City Rollers work with Phil Wainman
'I was actually bigger than The Beatles in Sweden'
Tina Charles hits big with 'I Love To Love'
'The biggest boys club in the world'
SODS: The Freemasons of pop?
'I killed Arnold'
Steve Jones marks his mark at Radio One

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Gary Glitter
Top of the Pops
'The Funky Gibbon'
Fuck the critics
New Seekers
Gerry Shury
New Faces
'Rock On'
The Sweet
Sparks vs Rubettes
'Under the Moon of Love'
Generation X
Biddu's roster
Crisis, what crisis?
Glam fashion
Rock indulgence
The Drifters
The Real Thing
Bay City Rollers
'I Love To Love'
The death of Arnold