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- the problem of imposters

Chris Redburn:
There's a snide Kenny going around. We went to see them, heard they were playing at Lewisham Town Hall with Mud, so we pitched up there. Andy Walton, Yan Style and I and our wives went down. Afterwards they were in the foyer flogging t-shirts and signing records - don't know if they'd bootlegged the records, but they had our pictures on and they were signing them 'Chris' and 'Yan' and all that. So one of our wives said, 'Are you the original band?' And they said, 'Yeah, yeah.' So she said, 'So who are those three blokes over there then?' And they saw us and whoosh - out the back door they went.
And then of course we went to the manager of the hall and said, 'Look we want our money back; it says they're the original band.' And he said, 'Yeah it is.' And we said, 'No they ain't, we are,' and showed him a photograph. And he gave us our money back. Then we found out they were playing at Butlin's and we rang up Butlin's and said if they appeared, we'd sue them: defamation of character or whatever. But the trouble is the people that're doing it are men of straw. They've got about two quid between 'em, so you could spend ten thousand quid pursuing them and you're wasting your money.
I don't know how they can do it at their age - they look so stupid. The good thing is they're promoting it: if it sells any copies of the compilation album, we get money, so thank you very much. But I cannot believe someone of that age wanting to do it. The original artists you can sort of understand, but...
We did think about booking them for a party...

these words were brought to you by
Chris Redburn

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