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Phil Wainman:
Generation X were booked on the Marc Bolan show, and I went in to Marc, cos I knew him, and he said, 'I'm coming back, you wait and see.' Anyway the boys were late and I said to Marc, 'Look I don't want to hold up rehearsals, do the show without the boys, they don't deserve to be on the show.' And he said, 'Don't be silly, they'll be alright, don't worry about it.'
Rehearsals came and went, then twenty minutes before transmission they're there. And I went apeshit, and I said, 'Never do this to me again. This is an important show for Marc - Marc's a mate of mine, he's got David Bowie on the show, and you're really really screwing it up. I'm really embarrassed.'
The show was recorded late, it was like fifteen minutes late, so the whole show was put back. And the height of the show was going to be a duet with Bolan and Bowie. And the bloody lights went out - they were very unionised at Granada and they said, 'Right, that's it, time' and they pulled the bloody plug, everything went out. The band kept playing, but they played out in the dark. The climax of the show was there for a minute and then gone for the next two minutes. And that was because Generation X turned up late. And I just think that's despicable. Despicable. I'd have pulled them from the show.

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