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The Times called Portmeirion ‘the last folly of the Western World’ while the Guardian saw it as ‘a giant gnomes’ village’. For eccentric architect Clough Williams-Ellis, the man who designed and built the resort, it was ‘propaganda for seemliness,’ a statement of how planned development could enhance rather than destroy its environment.

And for the quarter of a million visitors a year who make the trip to this Italianate village in North-West Wales, it’s quite simply one of the most magical places on Earth.

It was here that Noel Coward wrote his comedy Blithe Spirit, Patrick McGoohan filmed the legendary 1960s TV series The Prisoner and George Harrison celebrated his 50th birthday. It’s the kind of place where Larry Adler gave informal concerts to other quests and hotel staff, where Ingrid Bergman could be found talking movies with Bertrand Russell, and where royalty – from Edward VIII to King Zog of Albania – would join the general public in seeking escape from the modern world.

Here too was born the world-famous Portmeirion Pottery, founded by Clough’s daughter, Susan William-Ellis, and still one of Britain’s leading ceramics companies nearly a half-century on.

The book of Portmeirion is published to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the opening of the resort in 1926. Lavishly illustrated with many unpublished and rare photographs, plans and drawings, it is the first book to cover the whole story of the village, the gardens and the pottery, as well as Clough himself.

General Editor: Alwyn W Turner
Foreword – Jools Holland
Clough’s Shangri-La – Jan Morris
Portmeirion and its Creator – Alwyn W Turner
Portmeirion Pottery – Mark Eastment
The Gardens of Portmeirion – Stephen Lacey
The Buildings of Portmeirion – Robin Llywelyn
to be published by Antique Collectors' Club, October 2006