Alwyn W Turner

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A handful of links to other sites, divided into three groups: first, the publishers of my books; second, my other sites; third, friends and family:

Antique Collectors' Club

Aurum Press

BillBoard Books

Tempus Books (incorporating Spellmount Ltd)

V&A Publications


Omniana - blog

Trash Fiction

Glitter Suits & Platform Boots

The Hit Parade

Flogging Dead Horses

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Glitter Suits & Platform Boots
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Biba - the musical

Brian Freeborn Associates - recommended architects

Droit Music - military music at its finest

Paul Lamond Games - the best games on the market

John Summers - one of the great writers of our time

Steven Thomas - a fine designer

Vault of Evil - excellent bulletin board dedicated to British horror

Vince Eager - a rock and roll legend