Alwyn W Turner

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These are some trailers for various of my books...

My Generation - The Glory Years of British Rock
Photographs by Harry Goodwin.
Music: 'Whole Lotta Love' by CCS

Crisis? What Crisis? - Britain in the 1970s
The soundtrack is Hughie Green's single 'Stand Up and Be Counted', with music by Bob Sharples, released January 1977.

Halfway to Paradise: The Birth of British Rock
Two videos - one of various artists pictured in the book, the other of Cliff Richard and the Shadows.
All photographs by Harry Hammond, © V&A Images.

Cult Rock Posters 1972-1982
Some of the best posters in the world.

Some vintage pictures of the Village, mostly dating from the 1920s and '30s. The music is 'Le Piccadilly' by Erik Satie.

Magic Gardens: The Underwater Art of Susan Williams-Ellis
Paintings of tropical fish, to a soundtrack of 'Trepanning' by the Gentle People.