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Glitter Suits & Platform Boots

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The remnants of a book that never happened can be found at the site Glitter Suits & Platform Boots.

This was to be a documentary, if you will a popumentary, of one of the most neglected periods of music history: the pre-punk British pop scene.

You're not going to find many of the critically acclaimed 100 Best Albums Ever in these pages. But you will find bands like Slade, Hot Chocolate and the Bay City Rollers. Artists like Suzi Quatro, Chris Spedding and Tina Charles. Records like 'Kung Fu Fighting', 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' and 'The Bump'. This was the stuff we actually used to listen to.

Seldom added to or updated, the site remains as a potentially useful source for those researching the period, as well as giving a nostalgic nod to a more innocent age.