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Lou Reed
Berlin (1973)

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The poster for Berlin returns to the original concept of the record. Intended to be a double album, with gatefold sleeve and a booklet that would illustrate the story of the songs, the project was downscaled by RCA to a single album with a lyric sheet insert. The photographs that were taken for the booklet were recycled for use on the movie-theme poster to make the point that this was ‘A film for the ear’.
The concept enabled some heavyweight name-dropping – Jack Bruce, Steve Winwood et al – designed to help Reed’s claim to being a major artist (earlier promotional material had made much of Bowie’s endorsement for the same reason). The advance quote from Rolling Stone’s Larry Sloman wasn’t matched by the negative review the album got in the magazine on release.

Photography Saint Jivago Desanges (RCA Records & Tapes) 24 x 37 inches, 94 x 61cm